Animal PTC have a new ghost admin ?

Animal PTC


February 3 2013

Now, small banners are rotating normally. Still no news from the new admin.

Admin, if you see this post, communicate with us… We sent you some message from the contact page on your site and never received any answer. Maybe your contact page is not working ?

December 23: Banner adds stats are not good, we got 24 impressions for more than 8 000 hits on the site… Only one Featured add is a real one. Other featured banners adds are not at all rotating (direct link). Regular banners with direct links not related with members adds have high priority so you adds almost never show up…

The new admin did not answer our emails sent with the contact form on the site.

We see regular banner with direct link (admin add)  for Yellow Submarine Ptc (on or scam section)… and Fake featured banner adds (admin add) for Cup Cake Ptc (account suspended)

Not very impressive for a new ghost admin…

Featured adds are not better, about 122 impression with more than 8000 hits on the site…

We have a lifetime account with lots of banners that are not rotating…

Did you received an email from the new admin?

Did you received an email before telling you it would be a new admin ?

Do you know who is the new admin ?

Take a look at the banners, press F5 some times to see what banners are rotating and you will understand !

September 3 2012:

Their hosting provider was actively blocking wide randge of IP address to stop bots and cheaters.

The result is your adds are was not showing up in some countries or very big ISP’s…

They where blocking the IP address a way that it look like the site is not existing at all…

Banners where blanks and PTC adds where not always working.

This was only when you promoted the links of Animal PTC, Cup Cake PTC and Blue Bird Clicks because they where in the same hosting server.

They said it was to stop cheaters.

We do not know how many Ip range where involved but it was not only one country.

They should at least tell advertisers… Paying for banners that almost never display ?